AC Duct Cleaning Services

AC Duct Cleaning & Maintenance In Dubai, UAE.

Home Improvement Technical Services LLC (HITS) has the expertise to assist you in AC Duct cleaning and maintenance.

A significant amount of time is spent indoors - either in the home, office or shopping malls - where bacteria, chemicals and other pollutants can be 100 times greater than the outdoors.

Dirty and clogged ac ducts and filters result in poor, allergen-infested indoor air quality and cause serious negative consequences to the health of your loved ones.

Most people recognize the health concerns associated with outdoor air but they ignore how poor their indoor air quality is. Outdoor air can find its way inside and mix with indoor pollutants.

Your AC system can provide the perfect breeding environment to a number of contaminants such as dust, mold, and bacteria that spread around your indoor space contributing to common health, allergy, respiratory and fatigue issues.

The AC systems are made of two sections, the air conditioning unit, and air duct. It is imperative that both the unit and the ac duct cleaning is done properly for it to be cleaned and sanitized in order to prevent cross-contamination prior to reaching the vents. Be cautious, as the ordinary AC ducts cleaning service offered by some companies in UAE isn’t adequate unless it is a full system cleaning followed by an intensive sanitization.

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